About Us

  • Public funds for jails, not schools
  • No grocery stores in poor communities
  • Jobs with no sick leave

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Human Impact Partners challenges the inequities that harm the health of our communities.

Through training, technical assistance and research, we help organizations and public agencies who work with low-income communities and communities of color understand the effects of current or proposed projects and policies on community health. And we help them use this information to take action.

HIP is one of the few organizations in the U.S. conducting health-based analyses with an explicit focus on uncovering and then addressing the policies and practices that make communities less healthy and create health inequities.

One of our main tools is called Health Impact Assessment.

Our ultimate goal: transform the policies and places people need to live healthy lives.

What is Health Impact Assessment?

Health Impact Assessment is a practical tool that uses data, research and stakeholder input to determine a policy or project’s impact on the health of a population. HIAs also provide recommendations to address these impacts. HIAs have demonstrated success in a variety of issue areas, ranging from land use, housing and transportation projects to labor, education and economic policies.

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Human Impact Partners envisions a world where:

  • Health is understood broadly as complete physical, mental and social well-being.
  • Health and equity are primary considerations in public and private sector decision making
  • Health inequities due to race, class, gender, age, immigrant status, geography, and other attributes do not exist.
  • The health of all communities is improved.
  • All people have the information, tools and power needed to influence decisions that affect their health.
  • Health provides a holistic framework that brings diverse people and organizations to work together.


HIP believes that health and equity should be considered in all decision making. We raise awareness of and collaboratively use innovative data, processes and tools that evaluate health impacts and inequities in order to transform the policies, institutions, and places people need to live healthy lives. Through training and mentorship we also build the capacity of impacted communities and their advocates, workers, public agencies, and elected officials to conduct health-based analyses and use them to take action.

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