HIP’s training program offers various ways to familiarize participants with HIA and Health in All Policies work.

Two-Day HIA Action Training

The objectives of the two-day training are to familiarize participants with the goals and process of HIA, begin work on an HIA, and bring together a group of diverse stakeholders who will be involved in the HIA. The training provides participants with experience and knowledge about procedures and tools available to effectively conduct HIA and use HIA findings, including how to ensure that equity is considered throughout each stage of the process. It also offers an opportunity for diverse stakeholders to develop a shared understanding of how they might participate in and use HIA, and build new relationships or collaborations. 

One-day HIA Training

The one-day HIA training will familiarize participants with the goals and process of HIA, provide examples of HIA case studies and their impacts, and work through the Screening and Scoping steps of HIA. A greater emphasis will be placed on group work to identify topics that could be the subject of an HIA and work to scope out the impacts of those proposals on health and health determinants. While this all-day training is customized to address the priorities of the host, it does not get beyond the Scoping stage of HIA in significant depth and participants may need support around the remaining steps of HIA should they move forward with a project. This training would be best paired with post-training technical assistance.

Half-day HIA Workshop

The half-day HIA workshop is designed to familiarize a wider audience with the goals and process of HIA, provide examples of HIA case studies and their impacts, and, through small group exercises, identify topics that could be the subject of an HIA (i.e., Screening). This 4-hour workshop may be used to: 1) generate a list of potential topics for an HIA that can then be prioritized further; or 2) expose a wide variety of stakeholders to an HIA being started and to how they can be involved in and benefit from this HIA.

Half-day Health in All Policies Workshop

The half-day HiAP workshop will familiarize participants with the field of Health in All Policies, examples of HiAP in practice (including the types of collaborations, activities, and projects embodied in HiAP), how to begin to institutionalize HiAP, and discuss how equity and engagement can be incorporated into this nascent field. This workshop includes a module on HIA/health lens analysis as a core HiAP strategy and includes some examples of how HIAs have been used.

One-day Health Equity Workshop: Using an Inside-Outside Strategy and Building Power to Address the Social Determinants of Health

The objective of the one-day health equity workshop is to familiarize and deepen participants’ understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of public health equity practice, including power, structural racism, intersectionality, narrative/worldview, inside-outside strategies, and community organizing.


In addition to the trainings listed here, HIP also conducts webinars to introduce audiences to HIA, HiAP, and how to advance equity – which are best suited for those exploring these tools and perspectives.

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