Healthy and Safe Riverside County: Investing in What Works


Riverside, CA — In the face of federal-level rollbacks on civil rights and a call to “law and order,” criminal justice advocates and public health researchers are committed to showcasing that community safety and health are achievable goals with the right mix of programs to prioritize accessibility to housing, better health outcomes for all, reducing harm while offering treatment for behaviors that are typically criminalized, and holding people accountable to their actions without excessive punishment.

Our newest report, Healthy and Safe Riverside County: Investing in What Works (PDF), tells the story of how investing in evidence-based interventions both inside and outside of the justice system can improve the health and well-being of Riverside County residents while protecting community safety and saving money.

This report is part of a HIP collaborative effort with the ACLU of Southern California, Starting Over Inc., and Straight Talk Inc.


Top Recommendations
  1. Offer more programs for people at risk of involvement in the criminal justice system outside of the criminal justice system.

a. Increase housing options for people returning from jail and prison.

b. Increase access to employment services for those re-entering from prison and jail.

c. Increase treatment and services for youth and families.

d. Increase health care (mental and physical) and substance use treatment services.

2. Identify and publish savings and saving re-investments from Prop 47.

3. Increase the transparency of the county budget process.

4. Annually publish county funding of programs that prevent crime and create healthy communities.