Open comment period announced for Minimum Elements and Practice Standards for HIA, March 3 – April 30

The co-authors of the North American HIA Practice Standards are excited to announce an Open Comment period on the current version of the Minimum Elements and Practice Standards for Health Impact Assessment (Version 2.0). The Open Comment period will run from March 3 – April 30, 2014.

The current version of the Minimum Elements and Practice Standards was published in November 2010. In an effort to maintain the rigor and applicability of the MEs/PSs to the burgeoning HIA practice in North America, the co-authors intend to revise the MEs/PSs in 2014, and release Version 3.0 in time for the upcoming HIA of the Americas workshop in September 2014.

As part of this revision process, we are incorporating an Open Comment period for HIA practitioners and colleagues to weigh in on the document and provide substantive and specific feedback. For example, questions to consider include:

  • Are there any additional MEs/PSs that should be considered for inclusion?
  • Conversely, are there any MEs/PSs that should be removed or revised substantially?
  • Is the language of any element or standard confusing or problematic?
  • Have there been any difficulties in applying the MEs/PSs?
  • What can be done to make the MEs/PSs more user-friendly?
  • Are there other changes you would recommend to improve uptake of the MEs/PSs?

To facilitate our ability to review and address comments, we ask that you follow the guidelines below in submitting your comments. For each comment, please:

  • Name the problem you are trying to address
  • Suggest a specific and implementable change to address the problem
  • Provide a brief explanation/rationale for your comments
  • Please also provide your name, organizational affiliation (if any), and contact information so that we can follow-up with you if there are any questions.

In terms of the revision process, we plan to:

  • Accept comments during the Open Comment period (March 3 – April 30, 2014)
  • Collate these comments, collectively screen them, come to consensus on what to incorporate/revise, and implement those revisions (May – July 2014)
  • Release Version 3.0 of the MEs/PSs document (August 2014)
  • Host a session at the 2014 HIA of the Americas workshop to talk about the revisions that were made (September 2014)
  • Please note that we are open to new co-authors who express active interest in participating in the aforementioned process. Please let us know if you are interested.

Comments can be submitted to Lili Farhang, lili[at] For more information or to discuss the process, please contact any of us:

Rajiv Bhatia, Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley, 510-229-9436, rajivxbhatia[at]

Lili Farhang, Human Impact Partners, 510-452-9442, ext.101, lili[at]

Murray Lee, Habitat Health Impact Consulting, 403-451-0097, murray[at]

Marla Orenstein, Habitat Health Impact Consulting, 403-451-0097, marla[at]

Max Richardson, Public Health Institute (affiliation for identification purposes only), 510-326-3936, maxhealthimpacts[at]

Aaron Wernham, Health Impact Project, 202-540-6346, awernham[at]