Public Health Can Step Up to Protect Immigrant Rights

President Trump is moving quickly towards deporting 2 million undocumented residents and through that damaging communities and the public health.
Here are 3 things public health department staff can do TODAY to protect health equity:
  1. Read Public Health Actions for Immigrant Rights: A Short Guide to Protecting Undocumented Residents and Their Families for the Benefit of Public Health and All Society (also available in PDF form). The guide describes actions health departments can take now to protect and support undocumented residents and their families amidst political uncertainty and harmful immigration policies being enacted in the US under President Trump. This guide was developed by Public Health Awakened*.
  2. Share this guide with your networks.
  3. Identify 3 items in the guide that your health department can take action on immediately, and start implementing them.

Repeat as needed!

A workgroup of Public Health Awakened will update the guide as more information becomes available. Please contact: with feedback, questions, or edits.


* Public Health Awakened is a group of public health professionals organizing a health equity-based response to the Trump administration.