HIA Case Stories

Human Impact Partners has completed over two dozen HIAs around the country on a wide range of topics. Below, we highlight a few HIA case stories and describe the problem, what we did, what we found, and our impact.

Health Instead of Punishment / Criminal Justice

Prop 47 HIA

An HIA of a statewide ballot initiative in California that reclassifies low-level non-violent crimes to misdemeanors and redirects funding to treatment and prevention. Read more >>

Treatment Instead of Prison HIA

An HIA examining an increase in funding for treatment alternatives in Wisconsin. Read More >>

Family Unity, Family Health: An Inquiry on Federal Immigration Policy

An examination of a continued policy of immigrant detentions and deportations at the federal level. Read More >>

Economic Security

Los Angeles Wage Theft Ordinance

An HIA of the proposed Los Angeles Wage Theft Ordinance. Read More >>

Paid Sick Days HIAs

A series of HIAs examining paid sick days legislation at local, state, and federal levels. Read More >>

Equitable Built Environment

Lobos CO2 Pipeline HIA

An HIA of a proposed carbon dioxide (CO2) pipeline project in Torrance County, New Mexico.  Read More >>

Farmers Field HIA

An HIA of a proposed stadium development project in downtown Los Angeles, CA. Read More >>

Jack London Gateway HIA

An HIA of a proposed low-income senior housing development project in Oakland, CA. Read More >>

Skatepark HIA

An HIA of a proposed skatepark in San Diego, CA. Read more >>

Other Policies

School Discipline and Restorative Justice

An HIA of alternative school discipline policies in Oakland, Salinas, and Los Angeles, CA; restorative justice and health in Merced schools; improving health impacts through school discipline policy in Merced, CA. Read More >>